Additional command line tools

This sections details all additional and optional command line tools available when installing DreamSDK.

All these tools are installed in the /opt/dreamsdk/addons directory.

Please select a tool below to learn more:

IMG4DC — Dreamcast Selfboot Toolkit

IMG4DC is a package that allows you to generate bootable CD images for your Sega Dreamcast. It's split in 2 separate programs, usable in command-line mode:

These programs have become since 2007 a reference in the Sega Dreamcast homebrew world, and they are used in other third-party tools such BootDreams.

CDI4DC — Padus DiscJuggler image generator (cdi4dc)

CDI4DC generates Padus DiscJuggler CD images, which is the standard for the distribution of Sega Dreamcast programs.

Note: This tool is required for the makedisc script, if you want to use the cdi format.

MDS4DC — Alcohol 120% image generator (mds4dc, lbacalc)

MDS4DC generates Alcohol 120% CD images. It's another format used for the distribution of Sega Dreamcast programs.

Note: This tool is required for the makedisc script, if you want to use the mds/mdf format.

IP.BIN Creator — Initial Program generator (ipcreate)

IP.BIN Creator (IPCreate) was made to generate bootstrap IP.BIN (Initial Program) files for your Sega Dreamcast console. This tool is used to generate customized bootstraps (e.g. with custom logos) for homebrew programs only, mainly KallistiOS programs (but it should be compatible with libronin programs too).

The bootstrap is the license screen shown at startup when you run any Dreamcast program (e.g. Shenmue or whatever).

If you wish to create a custom logo, it can be in BMP, PNG, GIF or JPEG format, with 320 × 90 in size, and with 128 colors max in the palette. The custom logo is in a custom format called MR, so using a BMP, PNG, GIF or JPEG format will convert the file in that MR format. The transparent color is #c0c0c0 (R: 192, G: 192, B: 192).

Here is an example of a custom logo inserted:


Note that a GUI version of this program is also available, but it isn't included in the DreamSDK package. By the way the GUI version isn't compatible with modern Windows like Windows 10.

Additional ready-to-use IP logos

You have the possibility to install some ready-to-use IP.BIN logos at the same time with IPCreate.

Logos will be available in /opt/dreamsdk/addons/iplogos/ directory.

Make ISO File System — ISO9660 image generator (mkisofs)

Make ISO File System is an utility that creates an ISO 9660 image from files on disk.

Note: This tool is required for the makedisc script.

PVR to PNG — PowerVR image to PNG converter (pvr2png)

PVR to PNG is a tool to convert PowerVR images (usually with the PVR extension) to the PNG format. It handles transparency as well.

This tool may be useful to view PVR textures.

TXF Utilities — Textured font format tools (showtxf, ttf2txf)

These utilities display TXF fonts (showtxf) or convert TrueType fonts to TXF fonts (ttf2txf).

TXF fonts are fonts used for the OpenGL rendering. KallistiOS is compatible with this font format. Some examples provided in the KallistiOS tree uses this format.

Example of showtxf run:

Show TXF

Here is a sample command line of ttf2txf, which will convert the OCR A Extended font provided with Microsoft Office 2010:

ttf2txf -o ocraext10.txf -s 10 -w 128 -h 64 OCRAEXT.TTF -c \ \!\@\#\$\%^\&\*\(\)-_=+{}[]\\\|\;\:\'\"\<\>\,\.\?\/\`\~$chars

Additional ready-to-use TXF fonts files

For convenience, you may install some ready-to-use TXF fonts.

All provided fonts are installed in /opt/dreamsdk/addons/txf/.

VMU Tool PC — Visual Memory data handler (vmutool)

VMU Tool PC is a command-line tool allowing you to manage all VMU/VMS (saves) files on your computer.

This utility handles VMU dumps, even them used in Dreamcast emulators.